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Original Products
Original Products

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Our mission at is to make it easy to find and connect with trusted Makers
passionate about home solutions. Through this community, we offer access to quality, clever home products
and DIY ideas to help inspire new ways to tackle everyday activities while having fun along the way!

Our Story

How one Mason jar lid created a sustainable living marketplace.

In 2011, Mason Jars Company changed a common household product, the Mason jar, into one of the most useful products; a kitchen tool, a storage container, a soap dispenser, a water bottle, and more. With the introduction of the reCAP Mason Jars POUR and FLIP Mason jar lids, retailers and wholesalers, like yourselves, quickly took notice and stocked shelves. Your customers fell in love with the products and all things Mason jars.

Since 2011, Mason Jars Company has created trusting relationships with distributors, wholesalers, and retail buyers - listening when you asked for more product variety, an easier shopping experience, and low-risk purchases.

MakerPlace, Inc. launched the new in June 2018. Offering a broader product selection from original Makers who focus on quality products for the home and garden. has become a one-stop-shop that allows you to shop directly from each Maker without having to spend days researching and sourcing new products. You can now earn reward points on each purchase and redeem them for samples to get to know a Maker and their product before purchasing larger quantities.

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