About MasonJars.com

Shopping for best-sellers has never been simpler

We are a curated wholesale marketplace that focuses primarily on American-made,
eco-friendly, small-batch products. Specialty Retailers of all sizes, from Co-Ops and gift shops
to garden centers and hardware stores, MasonJars.com is where retailers come to find best sellers.

How We're Different

Exclusive Producs
Try Before You Buy

Have you ever bought products that sit
on the shelf? Buy samples before buying
in bulk! We have no minimum purchases!

Get Cashback
Get Cashback

We appreciate your loyalty. That’s why
we offer cashback every time you shop.
We call them MakerPoints!

Exclusive Products
Exclusive Products

Offer customers something they can’t find
everywhere else. We have a variety of products
not sold in big box stores or Amazon

Our Mission In A Jar

To build a healthier wholesale community, support Makers, and help businesses succeed with purposeful products.
By forging deeper connections and fostering trust between retailers and sellers and by
making customer support our priority, we see our mission come to fruition with every purchase.

Better Selections, Easier Shopping Experience, and Product Samples

In 2011, reCAP® revolutionized the most common household products: the Mason jar. Through this process,
we created trusting relationships with distributors and retail buyers. Because we like to solve problems
for our customers, we asked buyers just like yourself about what they wanted out of a wholesale store.

Our curated selection of products is robust and growing every day. We've also simplified
the wholesale shopping experience. Last, but certainly not least, we have no order minimums!

Masonjars.com has become a one-stop-shop where you can shop from a wide variety of Makers.

Ready to shop wholesale?

Core Values

Preserve Our World
Preserve Our World

There are no do-overs when it comes to the health of our planet. We believe that, whether it’s how we shop, eat, and clean, the smallest changes can make a world of difference.

Inspire Positive Change
Inspire Positive Change

We need each other to live better—be it by taking the time to connect with our communities, making concerted efforts to help one another, or supporting small businesses.

Encourage Innovation
Encourage Innovation

Small Makers can accomplish momentous things, individuals can inspire millions, and one product can change a person's life. Our products empower your customers.

Shop Wholesale Merchandise

We’ve created a team who curates products consumers love, allowing you to do all your shopping in one place.
Plus, every purchase you make directly supports Makers and homegrown manufacturers around the country.

Beach House Teas
reCAP Mason Jars
Candle Box Company

Every product we curate supports local businesses around the country. If you’re interested in learning more about MasonJars.com,
apply for an account, check out our shop, or visit our contact page.

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